Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SugarCon 2012

SugarCon ended on the 4/26. This is the annual SugarCRM event which occurs in April, celebrating at the same time the company anniversary. Happy B'Day SugarCRM!

The week end before the conference I ran the Diablo Trail Run 50K (7,000 feet of climbing and only 4 aid stations). Or should I say, "I walked". I still got jet lag and was recovering from an ocular infection (caught 2 days ago in the plane) healed with an expensive antibiotic drugs. The heat was terrible all long the day. I made my way walking more than running, but finished the race!

The diablo trail run 50k at the start line

On Monday Larry Augustin (our CEO) opened the Partners day keynote in a full room :)


On a big screen, a live search showed the tweets with the hash tag #Scon12 :
Lila Tretikov and Clint Oram provided an overview of SugarCRM 6.5 new features (new UI, more powerful search, calendar improvements) and presented the roadmap.
 Lila & Clint (photo by Bill Harada)

SugarCon was the opportunity to remind that we have a strong global partnership with IBM and that SugarCRM is integrated with the IBM stack (Lotus Notes, Lotus Live, Sametime, Domino, Cognos, etc.)

The event was a nice opportunity to catch up with colleagues and partners from all over the world.
Working session between Samuel (Ysance), Vincent & Stephane (Synolia)

SugarCon brought a lots of great presentations and high quality speakers: Guy Kawasaki, Paul Greenberg, Dr. Natalie Petouhoff and Paul Gillin.

The Tuesday evening an awesome party at the Exploratorium gathered customers, partners and Sugas (nickname for SugarCRM employees). The place is an interactive science museum. Everybody enjoyed the friendly mood and the rock band.
The Exploratorium (photo by Bill Harada)

Me and Nana from OSSCRM (photo by Bill Harada)

Erin & Jan enjoying the party at the Exploratorium

Guy Kawasaki launched the third day with a funny keynote; then at the break he signed his book "Enchantment" for the attendees.

Guy Kawasaki (photo by Bill Harada)

On Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon I gave a presentation during the partner training with Bruce Sinclair and Erin Fetsko. You already guessed the topic, right? Yes, it was dealing with the "Roach Motel" of cloud services...

If you missed it, I am giving three webcasts in May, more information and registration: http://tortuga-crm.blogspot.fr/2012/04/sugarcon-presentation-and-webcasts-why.html

On the Wednesday afternoon, Jan Sysmans presented the App Throwdown: six integrations were demo’ed in a three-minute window for each!
Jan Sysmans (photo by himself)

If you were not able to make it this year all the slide decks are available here:

Next year, SugarCon will happen on the East Coast in New York! Save the date:

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